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V Day: The Essential Checklist

We have all been there. The planning, the worries if everything will turn out alright. Last but not least, will the date end with a dreaded kiss on the cheek?

If you ask us, there is no special formula for a perfect valentine’s date. But just maybe if you follow these steps – think of them as logistical bases – you may get to see your efforts crowned with success:

"We had a blast, as deep down we are both very romantic and had a great connection on the set"

Lady Bug

A girl meets a boy

Go for a romantic walk around the city, but make it look completely spontaneous, stopping in all your favorite joints or sights along the way. Whisper sweet nothings into your date’s ear. Now for the climax, well as far as gastronomy is concerned: stop at a cool quaint out-of-the-place restaurant since all the romantic ones are probably taken.

And the big question, the one you both had on your lips: your place or mine? Next, a cool ride to the love nest and at last, the magic can begin.

G E T  I T  N O W